Woman Cures Her Incurable Cancer With Turmeric After Internet Search

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After five years of receiving the standard medical protocol for a rare incurable cancer, multiple myeloma, Dieneke Ferguson had run out of options with the disease as it progressively became worse and the doctors could do nothing else for her. In 2011 she was given a life expectancy of maybe one year.

Not giving up, that May 2011, she turned to the internet to see if others may have had success using alternative treatments (that the medical establishment eschews) and ultimately finding her case and remedy being published six years later in the British Medical Journal – Long-term stabilization of myeloma with curcumin.

That same May, Ms. Ferguson found information on a blog that persuaded her to begin taking high doses of an herb in a protocol that had been shown to be effective in a 2006 clinical trial in Texas and written about by a blogger in Italy who also had the same rare form of cancer.
What she found was the super food turmeric (as in curry recipes), and one of its components called curcumin, an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant and analgesic – a polyphenol derived from the herb Curcuma longa (turmeric) and is a traditional Eastern and Indian medicine.

‘When you review her chart, there’s no alternative explanation [for her recovery] other than we’re seeing a response to curcumin,’ Jamie Cavenagh said, professor of blood diseases at London’s Barts Hospital.

Turmeric; after 5 years of chemotherapy and numerous failed stem-cell implants along with debilitating side effects – losing her memory for 3 days, losing 3 inches of height, and 2 broken vertebrae – turmeric’s curcumin saved the day and her numbers are stable and she is healthy; and so is the blogger, by the way.
The blogger, Margaret, actually eschewed the medical establishment after her hematologist told her what the plan of action was for her own multiple myeloma case – really she inquired if she could postpone it for 8 weeks to see if the curcumin would have an effect. That was in December 2005.
She went back in March of 2006 to discuss a recent blood test to ascertain any improvements from the curcumin that may, or may not, have occurred when her, once skeptical, hematologist smiled and told her he was now going to be sprinkling curcumin on his food everyday. She never had to undergo chemotherapy. (Margaret writes about her experiences on her blog Margaret’s Corner).

Research suggests doses up to 12g daily are safe with few side effects, and numerous studies have confirmed the benefits of ingesting curcumin.

Margaret’s brand of choice
  •  Able to kill cancer cells and prevent more from growing. It has the best effects on breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer cells *.
  • Able to arrest bladder cell cancer growth in vitro
  • Reduce diet-induced liver fat build-up
  • Protective effects on the kidneys in clinical settings
  • Curcumin seems to enhance the synthesis of DHA and increase concentrations in the liver and the brain. This may prove especially useful for those who do not consume fish or supplement fish oil (DHA is a long chain omega-3 fatty acid that is vital for brain development and protection. It is the most prevalent omega-3 fatty acid in brain tissue).
  • Confer significant protection against colonic inflammation and improve symptoms of ulcerative colitis.
  • There has been some promising research concerning curcumin as a safe therapeutic agent for many cancers, including colorectal cancer. This has been shown through various studies in cell cultures, animal models, and humans
  •  Ability to kill myeloma cancer cells, reduce or prevent myeloma cell proliferation, and enhance the effectiveness of conventional drugs.
 Curcumin may increase bleeding risk with antiplatelet and anticoagulant agents and decrease the efficacy of vinblastine, ciprofloxacin, and cotrimoxazole.

 Curcumin protocol

There is a certain curcumin protocol which should be followed, and Margaret writes that she first made the mistake of

taking large quantities of turmeric, and even though it is very bio-active and healthy and has been shown to be effective in other disorders by itself, curcumin alone is the component the studies have examined, and it makes up only 2% of the Turmeric herb.

Both of these ladies, following the Texas study, consumed 8 grams of a curcumin that is formulated with three active curcuminoids called Curcumin C3 Complex® with Bioperine (both of the women in this story use the Doctor’s Best brand).
The Bioperine is a black pepper that helps with absorption and is able to increase bioavailability 20-fold (2000% of baseline values) when 20mg piperine is paired with 2g curcumin.
Otherwise, taking curcumin by itself has a negligible increase in serum levels.
Taking curcumin with a tablespoon or two of healthy fat may also increase absorption as curcumin is a fat soluble supplement (coconut oil, olive oil, or a piece of avocado).
Please leave a comment or contact me with questions.

“Inflammation: The Silent Killer”

Dr. Laura Miles discusses a clinical trial she conducted with patients who had blood test scores indicating chronic inflammation was silently occurring.

Learn more HERE

This is excellent coverage of the topic. I don’t take tumeric every day but when I do it is as a drink in combination with ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper, coconut water and lemon juice. It is a delicious brew that I take twice or three times a week.
I always wondered about the proper dosage of tumeric but your article assures me that I am not taking too much, which can lead to serious side effects.
Nice read!

Yes, it is best to ease into the 8 grams per day protocol as the ladies spoke of some GI issues that could occur, mostly diarrhea and nausea, so take a couple of weeks to reach 8 grams.

For less serious health issues, two grams of curcumin a day have been shown to be very effective in many less severe health issues such as Obesity,  Gastrointestinal issues, Psoriasis, and a slew of inflammatory conditions.

Thanks for your comment.

That’s quite a healthy sounding tonic you have there. I wonder what kind of coconut water you use, as I have only had the ‘straight from the coconut’ liquid, and have not searched for a processed brand in the states.

This is really great to hear,

But I am worried about using curcumin as I have read about side effects like
• Increased risk of bleeding.
• Increased liver function tests.
• Hyperactive gallbladder contractions.
• Hypotension (lowered blood pressure)
• Increased menstrual flow

What would you advise me and my wife to do?

Yes, some reported symptoms are from high turmeric doses and not the curcumin protocol, but if someone has a certain condition that they fear the interaction with curcumin may present a problem, then certainly they should ask their doctor.

However, it is generally recognized that curcumin does not cause significant short-term toxicity at doses up to 8 g/day.

For people on high blood pressure medication, or blood thinners:

“Margaret writes in her blog: I have also read warnings about people taking blood-thinning drugs such as coumadin. Curcumin is a blood thinner and should probably be avoided in that case (although Prof. Aggarwal told me that this blood thinning business has been observed in vitro and in animals but NOT in humans). Some MM listserv subscribers have asked about my platelet count, and I can report that it has actually increased a bit in the curcumin era. So…who knows. But again, best to be cautious.” However, ask your doctor.

If you have a stomach ulcer – ask your doctor.

“People who have obstructed bile ducts or gallstones should NOT take curcumin, although curcumin prevents the formation of gallstones (it increases the production of bile and stimulates the gallbladder)”.

2 grams per day would be a healthy amount to take as a general anti-inflammatory for the majority of the population.

Thank you so much for your comment.

I’ve become even more of a fan of turmeric after reading this article. I currently take a turmeric supplement but I will be trying out the brand that suggested in this review. I’ve long known of the benefits it has on decreasing inflammation and fighting cancer, but I’ve learned a bit more of what it’s capable of after reading this. Everyone should have this amazing spice in their daily diet!! I’m going to share this article with all of my loved ones..

Yes, and using the spice turmeric in recipes is easier than I thought.

I used to think I needed to get curried dishes from the take-out, but I have been learning recipes and it is not too complicated.

Thanks for your comment!

I am so glad I found your article. I have a friend with breast cancer and she is completely stressed out. She had tried so may steps in the past, lost so much weight and is now counting down the time she has left alive. I will definitely show her this article and hopes she has the courage to try this method. Keep posting inspiring article like this once. Really appreciate it!

I am hopeful your friend will find a treatment that slows the progression of the cells and then reverses it..

If she has abandoned traditional medical protocol and is on her own I would not only begin curcumin supplementation asap, but would not ingest anything that would feed the tumor – cancer cells consume 15x more sugar than healthy cells; or, not disrupt the immune system with chemical additives in processed foods, or ingest pesticides  (read ‘Autoimmune Disease and Diet’ article). Also, building her immune system back is a must, which is described in the article as well.

There are integrative doctors who have information posted that will help her too, like Dr Axe. He has protocols for many conditions, in case she has an underlying condition like “Leaky Gut” syndrome, which would prevent the immune system from being effective.

I hope she will do some research and realize there have been people in her predicament who have beaten this – and written about it for others to see.

Thank you for your comment.

Hi, cancer is a very scary disease and I’m so glad to know that something in my household can protect me by preventing it. All I can say is I cannot wait to share the turmeric secret with my family and friends, you dear are a life saver, thanks.

It is the brave ladies who delved into this natural cure and survived to share their stories.
My mother has the same cancer, and her doctors who specialize in myeloma have not heard of the curcumin research or the stories of these survivors.
Thank you for your comment.


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