i26 HyperImmune Egg Review – Controlling Autoimmune Response

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Product: i26 HyperImmune Egg

Price: $46.95

Size: 140g, 31 servings per can

Guarantee: 90 Days

Rating: 9.5 out of 10


I26 Product Review

Previously named Immune26 before the company expanded internationally, i26 is a unique natural product developed collaboratively by top immunologists and scientists over 30 years ago, and it holds over 100 patents for the product and the manufacturing process.

The double-blind placebo tests conducted on i26 concludes it utilizes specific immunity to protect against harmful bacteria and restore a normal inflammatory process, and by reducing stress on the immune system, i26 also helps the body control abnormal inflammatory processes, which can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort and immune overstimulation in the long run. 

What Does This Mean for Autoimmune Disease Sufferers?

This is especially an eye-opener for autoimmune and anti-inflammatory sufferers because the results of the tests clearly state that I26 helps the body modulate immunological responses, especially those of an autoimmune or inflammatory natureIn a nutshell, the body begins to stop attacking itself and then starts to heal (Video to the Right). 

70% Of Your Immune System Is In Your Gut

The reason we try and consume probiotics is to increase the good gut bacteria in order for the body to function better. That is what the i26 achieves except at a higher degree and more expeditiously.

In the digestive tract, i26 antibodies target bad bacteria and reduce adhesion to the gut wall. So by limiting the presence of aggressive bad bacteria, i26 reduces inflammatory stress and creates more room for healthy bacteria to grow, creating an optimal gastrointestinal microbiome for improved health – and the benefits of this are not limited to only those with health issues.

Enhanced Athletic Performance, Stamina, Recovery

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled university trial, subjects utilizing 13.5g daily of hyperimmune egg experienced greater athletic performance as measured by endurance, recovery and strength. Hyperimmune egg appeared to help the body lower intrinsic heart rates, and stimulate muscle growth and repair resulting in better performance. Subjects reported higher levels of both anaerobic and aerobic performance, with less effort when using hyperimmune egg. Professional athletes report similar findings.

Other Benefits: Research Results 

  • Quality of Life – Subjects with poor quality of life, that consumed 6g of i26 hyperimmune egg showed marked changes in energy, weight, appetite, sleep quality, gastrointestinal and pulmonary areas as well as blood counts
  • Joint Comfort and Flexibility
  • Circulatory and Cardiovascular Health
  • Gastrointestinal Health
  • Maintaining Healthy Weight in Populations At Risk

I especially like this product because it is not a side-effect laden pharmaceutical drug. It is egg powder with
immune co-factors and antibodies designed to balance the human immune system. It assimilates into the
body unaffected by digestive acids and enzymes. It is GRAS rated (generally recognized as safe), and “proven effective” in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDA) and used by many Wellness MD’s.

If you are a smoothie drinker this product is perfect for that, and it also comes in capsules for those who need another form – kids love the Chewables (vanilla and banana flavors).

This product gets a high rating from me because of the science behind it and the help it can provide to so many, so quickly and for such a nominal price, as well as a 90-day guarantee.

Clinical trials involving participants with high CRP test results found that this product took an average of 6 weeks to bring the numbers back to normal (C-reactive protein (CRP) is a blood test marker for inflammation in the body).

Life changing results, especially for the chronically ill, without side effects – in 6 weeks.  

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions.



Looking For More science? Go To Research Library.





Learn More About i26 Here



i26 Hyperimmune Egg


Proven Results




Science Backed



  • Price vs Results
  • No Side Effects
  • Guarantee


  • Powder needs blending
  • There is no flavor

Hi Mary Jo,

Unless they have an egg allergy, this product is GRAS rated (general regarded as safe) in the PDA (Physician’s Desk Reference) and described as “proven effective.”
One serving is 1/3 of an egg, the only difference is the antibodies and immune cofactors which are specified for human disease.

I know many moms who give their kids the i26 Chewables every morning, Vanilla or Banana Flavor, that are supposed to be really tasty.
You can get the chewables HERE, if interested.
Thank you for your comment, and have a great day!


This looks like a good product and I’m a firm believer that our health is determined by our gut… or how well we digest food. I’m also always looking for ways to reduce inflammation in my body. I was hoping to find out the other ingredients in the product but didn’t see them listed. Is it okay for anyone to take no matter their age?

This product certainly not only reduces inflammation, but normalizes chronic inflammation which is a serious health issue and can create all kinds of problems if it is not dealt with. There are other useful tips here.
As far as other ingredients, that is the simple beauty of this product – it is all natural egg powder with specified immune co-factors and antibodies which fight human disease. They are created by grain-fed hens and made into a powder at low heat.
This will put you in charge of your own health.
Thank you for your comment.

Hi James,

Thanks so much for the information in i26 Hyperimmune Egg. I had never heard of it before your article, but am now curious how it could help my mother.

My mom has Systemic Lupus and has had to have several surgeries because of it. Do you know if this product is safe for someone to use with her health concerns?



Systemic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease, and that is what this product was designed for, and in clinical trials it has been shown to “modulate autoimmune response.”
Her doctor may have her on immunosuppressants, which will suppress her immune system’s attack on her own body, but it also suppresses its ability to fight other invaders that cause disease, like cancer.
The i26 tranforms the immune system in the gut so that the autoimmune response is normalized and the immune sytem is balanced and performing at an optimal level. Every doctor should be treating autoimmune disease patients with this product.
The product is safe for anyone unless they have an egg allergy, and studies show 2 scoops per day normalizes chronic inflammation in about 6 weeks – which can be a miracle result for the chronically ill.
I hope this helps.
Thank you for your comment.

i26 products seem to really help the immune system in a natural way. Too many times we rely on drugs (pills) to help us get back on track, but those have terrible side-effects most of the time. Natural products will help strengthen our body, but first, we should be focusing on good nutrition. If we don’t preserve a healthy lifestyle, no product can help us.

Good nutrition indeed, but it should be organic food, less the herbicides/pesticides disrupts the bodies proper functioning – the body was not made to process chemical molecules.

The i26 helps the system stay optimized for those times when you aren’t able to eat completely healthy, and even chronic stress can create harmful changes to the immune system that the i26 manages safely.

Thank you for your comment.

Taking three capsules per day, causing loose stools and frequent bathrooms. Should I start out with one capsule per day?

Just so you know, I am not a doctor, and I am commenting on a reaction some people do have when they take this product.
Regarding the reaction you are having after taking 3 capsules per day, your first assessment is correct, and you should drop down to 1 per day or even every other day until it stabilizes.
Unless you have an egg allergy, the reaction is likely a symptom of the “die-off” going on and the elimination of toxins and bad microbes.
We hear of this happening on occasion, and these folks slowly work their way up to a full dose – and sometimes a double dose (or more) for awhile until certain health issues subside.
I hope this helps.


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