Greetings and Welcome to all!

My name is James. I have been studying the issues of autoimmune disease for the past 15 years as more of my friends, relatives and acquaintances began enduring the symptoms of the disease and struggled to find, if not a cure, at least a modicum of relief. Something!

I enjoy playing guitar and play the occasional gig with my friends. I have a BS Degree in Business Administration and have been an entrepreneur for most of my years since then. I am not a doctor, and I am merely offering up a few things to think about if your immune response is overtaking your health.

Before the last part of your large intestine needs to be removed, or your joints become permanently disfigured from an uncorrected autoimmune response, learn about this HERE.

About Product Purchases

The Buy Now links on the pages here will take you directly to to their secure product store with my name and number on the page. Youngevity has recently acquired the i26 product line, and they handle the processing and shipping aspect of the sale. Doing business since 1997, they have hundreds of other nutritional supplement products on their site as well.

‘The road to health is paved with good intestines!’  — Sherry A Rogers, MD

‘The road to health is paved with good preventions.’  — Judith Fitzgerald, Author


May your path be a healthy one.