High Dose Vitamin C Therapy Cures Leukemia, Diagnosed Man Says

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Allan Smith holding Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

New Zealand farmer Allan Smith didn’t know he had Leukemia until he contracted Swine Flu on a trip to Figi and subsequently went into a medically induced coma and life support as his lungs stopped functioning because they were so filled with fluid when the flu progressed into pneumonia. The Leukemia was diagnosed at this stage in the Auckland Hospital, and there has been much written about how high doses of vitamin C saved his life, but very little mentioned about the cure of his diagnosed Leukemia.

The revelation that the high doses of Vitamin C reversed Allan Smith’s Leukemia is important not only for Leukemia patients, but also for those diagnosed with numerous syndromes that can develop into Leukemia but are not treated at all in their early stages. Besides a wait-and-see mentality, there is no protocol in the early stages of these blood disorders from the medical establishment, who have almost no training in nutrition, despite thousands of studies summarizing the benefits of Vitamin C therapy.

(60 Minutes NZ report of Allan Smith’s dramatic recovery)

A 70-year-old relative of mine has been diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) that affects 20 to 50 per 100,000 of the population over 60 years old, and where 30% of these will progress into full-blown Leukemia. The cancer “specialist”/doctor he sees told him a bone marrow transplant would be prescribed for someone younger, but for a person of this age there is nothing to be done until the symptoms worsen (this is the same doctor who has not mentioned to my sugarholic mother with Multiple-Myeloma that cancer cells have 15 – 44 times more insulin receptors than healthy cells).

Certainly, if high doses of Vitamin C can cure someone’s Leukemia, then the same therapy can possibly improve the chance of one’s statistical certainty of the disease along with reducing many of the current symptoms associated with a hematological disorder, and without side effects. Isn’t it worth a try?



“Comparing the bioavailability of all other oral vitamin C delivery with your oral liposomal delivery is like comparing a squirt gun to a fire hose. Not only am I convinced that the efficacy of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C far surpasses any traditional oral vitamin C supplement, but my recent personal experience with it suggests that it may sometimes be better than IV injection.”
― Thomas E. LevyPrimal Panacea  

Great post, James, on the blessings of alternative medicine.
As you mention, very few medical practitioners seem to have any education in nutrition, and even more important, in its benefits to health.
This is a major reason for everyone to closely monitor what they eat.
Vitamins and Minerals are an influential factor in maintaining proper health.
Is physical exercise as important as nutrition for supporting health?

Exercise and nutrition certainly have a synergistic effect in achieving and maintaining good health.

I find it important to wear a heart rate monitor if one has a daily workout regimen because excessive heart-rates on consecutive days actually lower the body’s immune response, so it is good to have an upper limit on the “rest” days – details can be found in a book written by Dr. Phillip Maffetone, The High Performance Heart

Thank you for your comment.

Very good information in this post. I’d have to concur that the lyposomal delivery method is far more effective than in the standard encapsulated form when it comes to getting the full benefit from Vit C. In fact i take the livonlabs stuff as well and can attest to it’s effectiveness.


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