i26 and the microbiome
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Autoimmune Disease and Diet – What to Avoid and Add

Since the body’s immune system is largely regulated in the gut – 70% of your immune system is controlled within your gastrointestinal microbiome – it is safe to say that those with chronic inflammation and autoimmune reactions should look to concentrate on restoring the health of their gut by adding …

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Best Curcumin with Bioperine Supplement Review – Dosage and Protocol

There is a reason the people of India have a much lower rate of disease and cancer, according to Dr. Bharat B Aggarwal, and that is because of lifestyle choices including the spices they eat. “Spices contain compounds that fight oxidation and inflammation, the two processes underlying most chronic diseases, including cancer,” …

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Woman Cures Her Incurable Cancer With Turmeric After Internet Search

After five years of receiving the standard medical protocol for a rare incurable cancer, multiple myeloma, Dieneke Ferguson had run out of options with the disease as it progressively became worse and the doctors could do nothing else for her. In 2011 she was given a life expectancy of maybe …